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"R" Honorary Streets: The Bronx

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Ralph Balsamo Place (Bronx)
Present name:None
Location:Bounded by the east side of Westchester Avenue, Sands Place, and Wilkinson Avenue.
Honoree: Named in 1995 for the late Ralph Balsamo (b. 1932), who was the owner of the Balsamo Funeral Home. He took over the business when his father died suddenly in 1958, opened a location in the Bronx and later expanded with a branch in Harrison. He was a respected member of many community, religious and fraternal organizations.
Ralph Hoist Triangle (Bronx)
Present name:None
Location:Triangular area bounded by Hicks Street, Wilson Avenue, and East 215th Street.
Honoree: Ralph Hoist was a community leader in Harlem and later in the Bronx. A graduate of Stuyvesant HS, he served three years in the military during Word War II. He was a founder of the Harlem Neighbors' Associatioan and in early 1955 organized the Colonial Houses Tenants' Association. (Colonial Houses are now Ralph Rangel Houses). After moving to the Bronx in 1970, he organized the 214th Street Block Association, now known as United Homeowners and Tenants Association, and served as its president. He also founded a Boy Scout Troop, coached Litte League, and was PTA president at both PS 156 and PS 78. He died on October 17, 1990.
Ramon J. Jimenez Corner (Bronx)
Present name:East 149th Street
Location:Between Walton Avenue and the Grand Concourse
Honoree: Ramon J. Jimenez was a community activist, who for decades led the fight to save Hostos Community College in the South Bronx, spoke out against police brutality and led a campaign to remove the leadership that had mismanaged the National Puerto Rican Day Parade. He also wrote investigative pieces, political analyses and represented injured workers and single mothers facing evictions. He led the 1976 protests that saved Hostos Community College from closing during a fiscal crisis. (Salamanca)
Ray Cilento Place (Bronx)
Present name:Lydig Avenue
Location:Williamsbridge Road and Yates Avenue
Honoree: Orazio “Ray” Cilento (1945-2000), an electrician, was for 38 years, as a member of New Yorks Central Labor Council, a dedicated volunteer in the interests of rank and file union members, as well as a Little League team manager and coach.
Raymond Locascio Sq (Bronx)
Present name:None
Location:The intersection of E Gun Hill Rd, Allerton Ave, and Gunther Ave
Honoree: Raymond Locascio (1926-1994?), who had served on Iwo Jima in World War II, was devoted to his community and especially to youth sports. A father of three children, he founded the Astor Little League and was active in it for 35 years. He was also a member of Community Board 11 and chairman of its Youth Committee. Politically active, he served as an aide to a number of public officials including Congressman Thomas J. Manton
Regis Philbin Avenue (Bronx)
Present name:Cruger Avenue
Location:Between Sagamore Street and Bronxdale Avenue.
Honoree: Regis Philbin (b. 1931) lived with his family in the 1900 block of Cruger Avenue from the age of 4 until he went off to college at Notre Dame. He attended grade school at our Lady of Solace and worked at Max's Candy Store when he was 13. This 1992 naming marked Regis Philbin's 30th anniversary in show business.
Reola Belfield Way (Bronx)
Present name:East 163rd Street
Location:Between Trinity Avenue and Reverend James A. Polite Avenue.
Honoree: Reola Belfield was born in North Carolina in 1931. In 1985, after raising seven children, she earned a BA from the College of New Rochelle, where she was class valedictorian. Six years later she received an MA in early childhood education and became a teacher. She was Treasurer of Community Board 3 and chair of its Budget and Finance Committee. She also held responsible positions in her church, her sorority and other community organizations; and was a soloist with several choirs and other musical groups. She died in 1997 at age 65.
Rev. Abner Bernard Duncan Way (Bronx)
Present name:None
Location:At the intersection of East 180th Street and Arthur Avenue
Honoree:  Rev. Abner Bernard Duncan (1921-2011) opened the First Glorious Church in 1953 with a congregation of 3 people. Over the years the congregation grew to 250 people. The church serves as a work site for the Summer Youth Employment Program and holds summer school programs. Rev. Duncan is remembered for his work to end gun violence, counseling the families of victims and holding vigils at the sites of shootings. He was always helpful during emergencies, including the infamous Happy Land Fire in 1990 , which took 87 lives. After several pedestrians were hit by vehicles on Loring Place in the Bronx, he organized rallies calling on the Department of Transportation to install stop signs. The campaign was successful and the intersection is now safer. (Torres)
LL:L.L. 2016/23
Rev. Charles Britt Way (Bronx)
Present name:Findlay Avenue
Location:East 168th Street and East 170th Street
Honoree: Reverend Charles Britt (1908-1991) founded the Greater Zion Baptist Church in 1956. Under his leadership the congregation acquired the current church building at 1271 Findlay Avenue.
Rev. Dr. Fletcher C. Crawford Way (Bronx)
Present name:Hoe Avenue
Location:Between Jennings Street and East 172nd Street
Honoree: After serving in the Army in World War II, Dr Fletcher Crawford (d. 2017) became the assistant pastor of Union Grove Missionary Baptist Church, which had been founded by his father. He later succeeded his father as pastor and went on to lead his South Bronx congregation for more than 50 years. During his pastorate he oversaw the construction of a new Church on Hoe Avenue. It opened in 1984 to accommodate a congregation that had grown to more than 500. In 2010, as pastor emeritus, he witnessed the groundbreaking for a new building adjacent to the church that provides badly needed housing for the elderly and for low-income and homeless families. Dr. Crawford was a member of the Baptist Ministers Conference of Greater New York Vicinity; served twice as president of the Baptist Ministers Evening Conference; and was a member of the United Missionary Baptist Association, the Empire Missionary Baptist Convention and the National Baptist Convention. (Salamanca)
Rev. Dr. Herbert A. Bente Way (Bronx)
Present name:East 164th Street
Location:Between Boston Avenue and Caldwell Avenue
Honoree: Rev. Dr. Bente (1896-1978) was the pastor of Grace Gospel Church, at 589 East 164th Street, from 1932 until his death. He was a leader of the Bronx Council of Churches and the New York City Council of Churches, and a former president of the Greater New York Ministers Association.
Rev. Dr. Luis Felipe Serrano’s Way (Bronx)
Present name:None
Location:At the intersection of Chatterton Avenue and Pugsley Avenue
Honoree: Reverend Dr. Luis F. Serrano was appointed as a New York City Police Chaplain on December 20, 2002. He is the first and only Pentecostal Chaplain in the NYPD. He is currently the Senior Pastor of the Pentecostal Assembly and previously pastored three different congregations in Brooklyn. Dr. Serrano is also a licensed New York State Clinical Counselor for substance abuse.. He was a member of the Assemblies of God Seminary as a counselor; received an Honorary Doctorate in Theology; was an active member of the Assemblies of God General Council in Springfield, Missouri; was a member of For God’s Honor and Glory for 20 years; and served as president of the New York State Evangelical Children Parade. Palma)
Rev. Dr. Shellie Sampson, Jr. Way (Bronx)
Present name:None
Location:At the northernmost intersection of 163rd Street and Rev. James Polite Avenue
Honoree: Rev. Dr. Shellie Sampson, Jr. (1940-2014) a clergyman, educator, author an civic leader. A graduate of Rutgers University, he earmed doctorates in both Theology and Urban Studies. He worked in industry as a chemist and microbiologist before entering the ministry in 1970 as pastor of New Calvary Baptist Church in Montclair, N.J. In 1982 he became pastor of Thessalonia Baptist Church, which he served more than 30 years. In addition to expending that church's programs and facilities, he was instrumental in securing new schools and housing in the South Bronx. (Arroyo)
Rev. Dr. William A. Tieck Way (Bronx)
Present name:Marble Hill Avenue
Location:West 228th Street and the north side of West 230th Street
Honoree: William A. Tieck (1909-1997) was pastor of St. Stephen's United Methodist Church from 1946 to 1977, when he reached mandatory retirement age. Unwilling to stay retired, he become pastor of the Edgehill Church, where he served until 1997. Among his many community activities, Rev. Tieck was the official Historian of Bronx County from 1989 to 1996. (RGPR)
Rev. Grady H. Donald Boulevard (Bronx)
Present name:East 156th Street
Location:Between Morris Avenue and Melrose Avenue
Honoree: Rev. Grady H. Donald (1929-2002) was a civil rights activist and pastor of Victory Baptist Church. He was an active member of such organizations as Bronx Shepherds Restoration Corporation, the Bronx Clergy Coalition and the Council of Churches in New York City.
Rev. Howard Weaving Way (Bronx)
Present name:None
Location:Cross Bronx Expressway and Edison Avenue
Honoree: Rev. Howard Weaving (1915-1997) was on Community Planning Board 10 for 11 years, member of Bronx-Westchester YMCA for 14 years, Vice-Moderator of Presbytery and active in many of the Presbytery committees. He also served as the Protestant Chaplain at the New York State Maritime Academy at Fort Schuyler
Rev. Isaiah J. Jones Blvd. (Bronx)
Present name:Commonwealth Avenue
Location:Between Watson and Gleason Avenues
Honoree: Reverend Jones (1924-2001) came to the United States from Antigua in the early 1960’s with his wife and three children. Here he trained for his ministry. He started a small church on Kelly Street where he built a sizeable congregation. He later moved to what is now The Bronx Deliverance Center, where his son is now the Pastor.
Rev. James B. Staggers Place (Bronx)
Present name:East 181st Street
Location:Between Vyse Avenue and Bryant Avenue
Honoree: Rev. James B. Staggers (1925-2008) served as pastor of the New Tabernacle Baptist Church for thirty-eight years during which time he established a food pantry in the Church and opened clothing, drug and alcohol programs for the community.
Rev. Randolph Barnes, Jr. Place (Bronx)
Present name:None
Location:Intersection of 173rd Street and Morris Avenue
Honoree: Randolph Barnes Jr. (1927-2002). founded the Mt. Gilead Baptist Church in 1959. In 1972 the church purchased its present location at 1682Moris Avenue. where it operates a day care center, a soup kitchen and other community programs that were established under Rev. Barnes’ leadership.
Rev. Ricardo Tañon Avenue (Bronx)
Present name:Hewitt Avenue
Location:Between Westchester Avenue and 156th Street
Honoree: In 1943 Rev. Tañon (1904-1998), born Puerto Rico, became pastor of a “store front” mission with 12 members—“Iglesia Cristiana Juan 3:16”—in 1943. At his retirement on June 28, 1977, the “Iglesia Cristiana Juan 3:16” was the largest Hispanic church in the USA.
Rev. Robert G. Lane Blvd. (Bronx)
Present name:Washington Avenue
Location:Between East 165th Street and East 166th Street
Honoree: Rev. Robert G. Lane (1926-2009) organized the New Zion Pilgrim Baptist Church and was an active member of numerous Baptist pastoral organizations as well as Community Board 3.
Rev. Ruben Dario Colon Place (Bronx)
Present name:Woodycrest Avenue
Location:West 167th and West 168th Streets
Honoree: Ruben Dario Colon (1923-2000) became pastor of the Evangelical Lutheran Church of the Resurrection in 1959. In 1968, after occupying several moves, “Resurrection” found a home on Woodycrest Avenue where Pastor Colon lived and served until his retirement in October 1999.
Rev. William E. Thompson Way (Bronx)
Present name:Teller Avenue
Location:Between East 169th Street and East 170th Street
Honoree:  Rev. William E. Thompson founded the Community Church of Morrisania, the first African-American church in that community, in 1956. Rev. Thompson was also a social worker at the City's Spofford Detention Center. After retiring, he became a teacher at PS 53. His church, located at 1325 Teller Avenue, had many ministries including the Martin Luther King Jr. Ministry to teenagers. He started a black history pictorial museum in the Parish House. He founded the Project Survival Program,designed to help mothers in need of day care at an affordable price, as well as the Some Mothers Child Program, which assisted young adults with substance problems. (Gibson)
LL:L.L. 2016/23
Reverend Clyde Hambrick Avenue (Bronx)
Present name:Ward Avenue
Location:Between Watson Avenue and Westchester Avenue
Honoree: Reverend Clyde Hambrick (1928-2001) who had been a coal miner in his native West Virginia, became one of the first Afro-American computer programmers in New York City, working for the United States Postal Service. He was pastor of Green Pasture Baptist Church for the last 28 years of his life and an active civic leader, involved with drug counseling, a food pantry, and a homeless program.
Reverend Dr. Jerry Mosby Way (Bronx)
Present name:None
Location:Intersection of Homer Avenue and Castle Hill Avenue
Honoree: Reverend Dr. Jerry Mosby (1947-2007) was the Pastor of the Fellowship Covenant Church, Community Chaplain for the 43rd Precinct and a retired Pastor for the Bronx Network Health and Hospital Corporation. He was instrumental in organizing hurricane relief drives in the community, notably for Hurricane Katrina.
Reverend Dr. Nathaniel Tyler-Lloyd Place (Bronx)
Present name:East 224th Street
Location:Between Bronxwood Avenue and Barnes Avenue
Honoree: Reverend Doctor Nathaniel Tyler-Lloyd (1930-2002) became pastor of Trinity Baptist Church, one of the oldest African American churches in the Williamsbridge section of northeast Bronx, in 1960 and served it for 42 years until his death.. He was president of the Lott Carey Foreign Mission Convention from 1985 to 1989 and also served as Vice President of the Baptist World Alliance.
Reverend Frank R Banks Lane (Bronx)
Present name:Burke Ave
Location:Bounded by Bouck Ave and Wilson Ave
Honoree: Reverend Banks (1906-1989), born in North Carolina, graduated from Manhattan Bible Institute. After serving in the Army in World War II, he received further theological training and was ordained by Calvert Baptist Church in White Plains. In 1961 he founded the Burke Avenue Baptist Church, which grew to a congregation of 1,500 during his 28 years of service. He was also a leader in his community, in the NAACP, and in baptist denominational affairs.
Reverend Isaac B. Crawford Avenue (Bronx)
Present name:Jesup Avenue
Location:Beyween Featherbed Lane and Edward L. Grant Highway
Honoree: Isaac Crawford (1948-1994) was born and raised in Brooklyn. After serving in the US Air Force, he decided to enter the ministry. He attended Virginia Union Seminary and was ordained in 1974. After serving congregations in Brooklyn and the Bronx, in 1986 he became minister of Mount Cella Baptist Church on Jesup Avenue, which he served until his death.
Reverend Jerome A. Greene Place (Bronx)
Present name:Teller Avenue
Location:Between East 168th and East 169th Streets
Honoree: Reverend Jerome Alexander Greene (1941-2004) was the Founder and President of the Bronx Unity Democratic Club, Inc. and a Pastor of the Bronx Christian Charismatic Prayer Fellowship, Inc.
Reverend Jessie Woodhouse Place (Bronx)
Present name:Bush Street
Location:On the corner of the Grand Concourse between 179th Street and East Burnside Avenue
Honoree: Introduced by Council Member Baez September 11, 1908 – January 9, 2008 Pastor Woodhouse received many certificates and awards for her dedication and commitment to the church and her community. She is responsible for forming the First Bible Church of the Lord’s Mission and the Woodhouse Bible School for religious education.
Reverend Kenneth L Folkes Way (Bronx)
Present name:Prospect Avenue
Location:Bounded by Ritter Place and Boston Road
Honoree: Reverend Folkes (1914-1990) came to the US from Jamaica in 1945. He earned degrees from Shelton College and American Bible College,. In 1956 he founded Mount Carmel Baptist Church and became an important advocate for the surrounding communities. He received his D. D. degree from Virginia College in 1975. In addition to being pastor of Mount Carmel, he was Protestant Chaplain of Lincoln Hospital, a past president of the New York Council of Churches and President of the Bronx Shepards Restoration Corp.
Reverend Theodore Wittrock Crossing (Bronx)
Present name:Boyd Avenue
Location:between Nereid Avenue and Barnes Lane
Honoree: Reverend Theodore Wittrock (1920-2004) was installed in 1969 as Pastor of Redeemer Lutheran Church in The Bronx, where he served for 25 years. In 1982, he was elected to f the Board of Regents of Concordia College in Bronxville, New York, where h served until 1991 In 1994 he was honored by the American Lutheran Publicity Bureau for “outstanding service” in the field of publicity and public relations for the Lutheran Church in the United States.
Reverend Wesley G. Janzen Place (Bronx)
Present name:None
Location:Northeast corner of White Plains Road and Gleason Avenue
Honoree: Wesley G. Janzen (1941-1998) was a Pentecostal minister. In 1986 he became minister of the Church of the Revelation, located at this corner, to which he devoted the rest of his life.
Richard A. Daily Square (Bronx)
Present name:None
Location:Intersection of Bolton and Lafayette Avenues.
Honoree: Richard Albert Daily was born in the Bronx and graduated from Lehman College with BS in Psychology in 1979. He was a hard working cittizen who betwen 1984 and 1992 held a variety of positions with the NYC Transit Authority and with the US Postal Service. He also participated in many community activities including volunteering at the Police Athletic League's Lynch Cnter in the Bronx. On July 8, 1992, Mr. Daily was killed while working as a token booth attendant.
Richard Reed, Jr. Place (Bronx)
Present name:East 166th Street
Location:Between Union Avenue and Tinton Avenue
Honoree: Richard Reed, Jr. (d. 2005) retired after a 34 year career as a Recreation Director for the New York City Department of Parks and Recreation. He was one of the founders of the Bronx Foundation, a founder of the annual “Old Timers Day” and a former member of Community Boards 3, serving on its Quality of Life Committee.
Richie Perez Way (Bronx)
Present name:None
Location:At the northeast corner of East 172nd Street and Boynton Avenue continuing west to East 172nd Street and Ward Avenue and ending at the northwest corner of East 172nd Street and Manor Avenue
Honoree: Richard Perez, born and raised in the South Bronx, taught at James Monroe High School in the late 1960s. Soon after, he began calling for community control of schools, and in 1969 joined the Young Lords, becoming its deputy minister of information and also editing its weekly newspaper, Palante. In the early 1980s, he helped found the National Congress for Puerto Rican Rights and became its national coordinator. As director of community development at the Community Service Society, he organized campaigns against racially motivated violence and for voter registration. He also organized demonstrations calling for prosecutions in police brutality cases, including the case of Anthony Baez, a Bronx man who died after being put in a choke hold by a city police officer in 1994. He was an outspoken critic of racial profiling by the NYPD and was a lead plaintiff in a 1999 lawsuit aimed at abolishing stop-and-frisk searches by the NYPD Street Crime Unit. He helped found People's Justice 2000, a coalition of groups that demonstrated for the prosecution of officers after the precinct assault on Abner Louima and the shooting death of Amadou Diallo. Mr. Perez died in 2004 at the age of 59. (Mendez and Palma)
Rivera Avenue (Bronx)
Present name:None
Location:At the intersection of 161st Street and River Avenue
Honoree: Mariano Rivera played for the New York Yankees from 1995 to 2013. A 13-time All-Star, he is also known for his philanthropy, donating more than $500,000 annually to underprivileged children in the United States and his home country of Panama. (Arroyo)
Roberto Clemente Plaza (Bronx)
Present name:None
Location:Third Avenue, Willis Avenue and East 148th Street
Honoree: Robert Clemente (1934-1972), a right fielder for the Pittsburgh Pirates, was a humanitarian as well as an outstanding baseball player. He was regularly involved in charitable work in his native Puerto Rico and throughout Latin America. He died in a plane crash while bringing aid to victims of the 1972 earthquake in Nicaragua.
Rocco Miano Way (Bronx)
Present name:Hone Avenue
Location:Between Morris Park Avenue and Rhinelander Avenue
Honoree: Rocco Miano, born and raised in Morris Park, was a founding member of the Morris Park Community Patrol, which he served for nearly 30 years. He was the Second Vice President of the Morris Park Community Association for 10 years and a member for over 35 years. .
Rocco Travaglino Corner (Bronx)
Present name:None
Location:The northwest corner of Crosby Avenue and Middletown Road.
Honoree: Rocco Travaglino (1934-1995) was born in Naples. He came to the U.S. in 1955 and in 1958 began working in the DiSimini Grocery Store at 2959 Middletown Road. In 1975 he bought the store from his aunt. He became a well known and respected businessman. He knew many customers personally, was helpful to the elderly, and extended credit to those in need.
Ronald I Jacobowitz Place (Bronx)
Present name:Kossuth Ave
Location:Bounded by E 208th St and E Mosholu Pkwy N
Honoree: Mr. Jacobowitz (1959-1995?), a teacher, executive chef and policy consultant, was active in organizations advocating for gays and lesbians. He was a founder of the Gay Men of the Bronx Inc. and of Bronx Lesbians and Gay Men for Political Action. In addition, he was an organizer for the Committee for David Dinkins in 1993, and was an organizer and political consultant to organzations such as the Gay Men's Health Crisis and the NYC Gay and Lesbian Anti-Violence Project.
Ronney (Venezuela) Vargas Place (Bronx)
Present name:None
Location:At the intersection of East 152nd Street and Wales Avenue
Honoree: Ronney Vargas (d. 2008) was a professional boxer and three-time Golden Gloves champion all by the age of 20. As his undefeated boxing career was beginning to blossom, he was shot and killed in East Tremont after a dispute with five men.
Roselyn A. Johnson Way (Bronx)
Present name:None
Location:Intersection of East 180th Street and Honeywell Avenue
Honoree: Roselyn A. Johnson was a staff member and then an elected board member of Community School District 12. She organized outreach programs throughout the District’s 23 schools
Rudy Macina Peace Memorial Plaza (Bronx)
Present name:None
Location:Williamsbridge Road and Esplanade
Honoree: Rudy Macina (1923-1993) a Marine in World War II, returned to the Bronx and became a community activist. He helped revitalize the Bronx Columbus Day Parade; “adopted” and cleaned up two subway stations on the Dyer Avenue Line, and was the force behind a movement to create a veterans memorial in the triangle at Williamsbridge Road, Laconia Avenue and Pelham Parkway North.
Ruth Poindexter Plaza (Bronx)
Present name:Vyse Avenue
Location:Between East 173rd Street and East 174th Street
Honoree: Ruth Poindexter (b. 1942) had a long record of service to her community’s schools. She was vice president of C.S. 57; secretary of I.S. 193 PTA, and parent liaison for Community School District 12. In 1979 she was appointed by the board to represent Special Education. She was also secretary of Mid-Bronx Community Development Federal Credit Unionand Treasurer of Montefiore Medical Group.

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