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"L" Honorary Streets: The Bronx

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La 65 de Infantería (Bronx)
Present name:Southern Boulevard
Location:Between Bruckner Boulevard and East Fordham Road
Honoree: The US Army’s 65th Regiment, based in Puerto Rico, fought with distinction in two World Wars, the Korean War and subsequent conflicts.
La Lupe Way (Bronx)
Present name:East 140th Street
Location:Between St. Ann's Avenue and Cypress Avenue
Honoree: Cuban-born Victoria Lupe Yoli (1936?-1992) was “The Queen of Latin Soul Music”. Her musical style, honed in New York City after she left Cuba in 1963, influenced the Afro-Caribbean music movement in the City. She recorded 32 albums both as a soloist and in partnership with music legends such as Tito Puente and Mongo Santamaria. She spent her final years as an ordained evangelical minister in the Bronx.
LL:2001/ 60
Lance Corporal Alberto Francesconi Place (Bronx)
Present name:None
Location:Intersection of East 187th Street and Park Avenue
Honoree: Alberto Francesconi, born in 1987, was killed in action in Afghanistan on December 29, 2008.
Larry Lusk Way (Bronx)
Present name:None
Location:At the intersection of Frisby Avenue and Benson Avenue
Honoree: Larry Lusk was the proprietor of a candy store, known as L.M. Stationery, opposite P.S. 12. For a generation, the store was an informal gathering spot for neighborhood residents, who discussed civic activities and neighborhood news. From the 1940’s through to the late 1960’s, Mr. Lusk’s establishment was a focal point of community activity and a safe haven for local children.
Laveria A. Ross Place (Bronx)
Present name:Mohegan Avenue
Location:East 179th Street and East 180th Street
Honoree: Laveria Alva Connor (1935-1997), a school crossing guard, was a foster parent with the Harlem Dowling Children’s Foster Home. From 1982 until her death she cared for more than 250 foster children, many on an emergency basis, in addition to raising nine children of her own.
Laverne Turner Lane (Bronx)
Present name:East 219th Street
Location:Between White Plains Road and Willett Avenue.
Honoree: Laverne Turner, born in 1931, was educated at Bronx Community College, the College of Mount St. Vincent and the College of New Rochelle. She was an educator at the Williamsbridge NAACP Day Care Center from 1974 until her death from a sudden illness. She was active in community and civic activities including Community Board 12.
Leo Fracassi Way (Bronx)
Present name:Crotona Avenue
Location:Between Earth 187th Street and East 189th Street
Honoree: Fire Lieutenant Leo Fracassi (1923-2002), a decorated veteran of World War II, was assigned to Ladder Company 38 on Belmont Avenue in 1963. In 26 years there, he awarded more medals for bravery and was involved in more Unit Citations than anyone assigned to Engine Company 88 or Ladder Company 38.
LEP Joseph A. Morabito Way (Bronx)
Present name:Laconia Avenue
Location:Between Stell Place and Waring Avenue
Honoree: Joseph A. Morabito (1958-2013) worked in law enforcement for over 34 years. While in the U.S. Navy from 1978 until 1982, he served in the Naval Investigation Service and as an Undercover Narcotics Officer. He subsequently held posts with the Veterans Administration Investigation Section; the Department of Defense Police Counter Terrorism Task Force; and the Treasury Department before his retirement from the Federal Government in 1999. In 2006, he was hired as an International Law Enforcement Professional by Dyncorp International and the U.S. State Department, and served tours as a civilian instructor and advisor to police forces in Iraq, Haiti, and Afghanistan In 2013, he was killed on an Afghan National Army base in the Afghan province of Paktika while training Afghans to be police officers. (Vacca)
Lesandro Junior Guzman-Feliz Way (Bronx)
Present name:None
Location:At the intersection of East 183rd Street and Bathgate Avenue
Honoree:  Lesandro Guzman-Feliz (2002-2018) was killed in a gang-related incident in which police believe Lesandro was mistakenly targeted. The suspects were members of the Los Sures set of the Trinitarios street gang who were going to attack another set of Trinitarios called Sunset. The suspects chased Lesandro until they cornered him at a bodega and killed him. He was a member of the NYPD’s Explorers Program, which aims to teach teens and young adults the importance of self-discipline and education through training and community service projects. The NYPD and the Police Foundation have set up the Lesandro Guzman-Feliz Memorial College Fund, which provides two $5,000 scholarships each year to members of the Explorers Program. (Torres)
Lieutenant Howard Carpluk Place (Bronx)
Present name:None
Location:Intersection of Monroe Avenue and East 175th Street
Honoree: Lieutenant Howard Carpluk (1962-2006) was appointed to the NYFD in August of 1986 and was assigned to Ladder 31 and promoted to Lieutenant in February of 1999 and assigned to Engine 42 in January of 2002. He was killed in the line of duty on August 27, 2006.
Lieutenant Patrick J. Sullivan Way (Bronx)
Present name:East Tremont Avenue
Location:Between Vyse Avenue and Daly Avenue
Honoree: Lieutenant Patrick J. Sullivan was in command of NYFD’s Engine 45 on 9/11. The NYFD determined that his death from leukemia in 2012 was caused by exposures during search and rescue and fire operations at Ground Zero. 
Lillie Mae Berry O'Gara Square (Bronx)
Present name:None
Location:At the intersection of E 229th Street and Schieffelin Avenue.
Honoree: Ms. O'Gara (1928-1993) moved to Edenwald Houses in 1951 and in 1971 was elected President of the Edenwald Tenants Association. A mother of 7, she was also President of the John Philip Sousa JHS Parent-Teachers Association. She worked as a nurses aide and retired after 15 years from the Laconia Nursing Home. Besides her own children, she cared for about 30 foster children.
Linda Ballou Way (Bronx)
Present name:137th Street
Location:Between Brook Avenue and St. Ann's Avenue
Honoree: Linda Ballou (1949-2007) was a board member of Bronx-Lebanon Hospital Department of Mental Health Services and was president of the Resident Association at Millbrook Houses, where she implemented an SAT prep program and a food pantry.
Linton J. Cummings Square (Bronx)
Present name:None
Location:Intersection of Givan Avenue and Fish Avenue
Honoree: Linton Cummings (1926-1996), while still studying for his degree in accounting, set up the accounting system for the new Higher Education Development Fund (HEDF), established to help school dropouts get further education and employment. As a result of his work he was named vice president of HEDF in 1972 and two years later became its president. .
Loeser's Deli Place (Bronx)
Present name:None
Location:At the intersection of West 231st Street and Godwin Terrace
Honoree: Loeser's Kosher Deli opened in 1960, and is cherished for its longstanding contributions to the community. The deli has been owned and operated by Fredy Loeser and his family for all of its 58 years, and is the oldest Kosher Deli in continuous operation in the Bronx. (Cohen)
Loretta Ruddock Smith Way (Bronx)
Present name:None
Location:At the intersection of West 174th Street and Davidson Avenue
Honoree: Loretta Ruddock Smith was a community leader in Morris Heights, active on issues including housing, education, youth services, and public safety. She was a member of Bronx School Board Nine and board member of the Mt. Hope Housing Company, Inc. She supported Bronx Community Board Five and the 46th Precinct Community Council. As a member of the Charity Baptist Church of Christ in the Bronx for 42 years, she served in various leadershp roles including as Treasurer of the Board of Trustees. (Cabrera)
LL:L.L. 2016/23
Lorraine Montenegro Way (Bronx)
Present name:None
Location: Southwest corner of East 156th Street and Prospect Avenue
Honoree: In the mid-1960s Lorraine Montenegro, with her mother, Evelina Antonetty, she created United Bronx Parents, a social service agency. Their advocacy work and activism through this organization provided educational services to children and families; supportive housing that allowed mothers in recovery to live with their children; and services to older people at a time that was crucial to many who lived through tremendous hardship in the South Bronx. On October 1, 2017, while visiting Puerto Rico, she died while trying to receive medical attention for dehydration and respiratory distress in the aftermath of Hurricane Maria. Lorraine Montenegro was 74 years old. (Salamanca) [Note: this corner already has a street sign honoring Ms. Montenegro's mother, Evelina Antonetty.]
Lorraine Nugent Way (Bronx)
Present name:None
Location:At the intersection of Bayshore Avenue and Ampere Avenue
Honoree: Lorraine Nugent devoted her time and leadership to many senior organizations in her community. Since 1990, she ran the local AARP group, hosting monthly meetings of seniors. She was also the first woman to be given the title of “commodore” for the Turner Club in Throggs Neck, which was originally organized in 1850 to give men a place to exercise and develop their physical abilities. She was president of the local chapter of the Red Hat Society. One of the premier women's social organizations in the world, the Red Hat Society, based in Fullerton, CA, began with the gift of a red hat and has grown into a universal symbol for women around the globe as they celebrate turning 50 and entering into the next phase of their lives. The social message behind the first red hat has resonated with millions of women around the globe regardless of race, creed, occupation, age or socio-economic status. It provides women with opportunities for social interaction, both for reconnecting with old friends and making new ones. Lorraine Nugent died on October 20, 2020, aged 69. (Gjonaj)
Lou ‘Big Lou’ Torres Way (Bronx)
Present name:None
Location:At the southwest corner of East 149th Street and Jackson Avenue
Honoree:  Lou ‘Big Lou’ Torres (1957-2017) was was the Tenant Association President of Robert E. Moore Houses. He secured funding to install security cameras throughout the development to ensure safety. He also hosted block parties and other events to celebrate the community. Born in the South Bronx, he led a successful career in the motion picture industry, and was the CEO of BIG LOU Films. (Ayala)
Louella Hatch Way (Bronx)
Present name:None
Location: Intersection of East 182nd Street and Tiebout Avenue
Honoree: Louella Hatch (1939-2017) was known for her decades of work to improve quality of life and housing conditions in her Fordham neighborhood. She began tenant organizing with the Northwest Bronx Community and Clergy Coalition, informing her neighbors of their rights and mobilizing them to transfer their building from a negligent owner to a new and accountable landlord. She was a constant presence in the civic life of Community Board 5, attending every 46th Precinct Community Council meeting. She served as the President of the Precinct Council for many years and coordinated many annual events, including a play street in the summer; her own National Night Out block party; and a toy and clothing drive during the holidays. (Torres)
Louis Salvati Way (Bronx)
Present name:Mickle Avenue
Location:Between Astor Avenue and Pelham Parkway North
Honoree: Louis Salvati (1922-2010), as president of the Chester Civic Improvement Association, led a successful campaign to improve street safety and traffic flow following the approval of a large commercial development. .
Louis Tuzzio Corner (Bronx)
Present name:None
Location:Northeast corner of Maclay Avenue and Seddon Street
Honoree: Louis John Tuzzio (1911-1999), a weaver and later a hospital worker, moved to 2440 Maclay Avenue in 1959. He remained for the next 40 years. and came to be called The Mayor of Maclay. His daily routine included shopping at local stores for neighbors who were housebound.
Lt. Christopher Pupo Way (Bronx)
Present name:Longwood Avenue
Location:Between Southern Boulevard and Bruckner Boulevard
Honoree: Christopher Pupo (d. 2012) served with the New York City Police Department for 14 years, rising to the post of Special Operations Lieutenant in the 41st Precinct in the Bronx. In the course of his career he had a total of 216 arrests, including 120 felony arrests. He was Awarded 34 Medals for Excellence in Police Duty’s, one Medal for Distinguished Service and nine Medals for Meritorious Police Duty. Lt. Pupo also served in the United States Coast Guard and had been deployed to the Middle East. In 2009, he was named Coast Guard Reserve Petty Officer of the Year and was subsequently promoted to the rank of Chief Petty Officer. He died on June 23, 2012 from illnesses caused by inhaling toxic materials as he participated in the rescue and recovery efforts following the 9/11 terrorist attack on the World Trade Center. (Salamanca)
Lt. Mark W. McKay Way (Bronx)
Present name:None
Location:At the intersection of Parsifal Place and Ellis Place
Honoree:  Mark W. McKay (1964-2012) joined the New York City Fire Department on April 8, 1985 and was assigned for his first two years to Engine Company 38. He was promoted to lieutenant in December 1997, and served the remainder of his career in that role until his retirement on November 15, 2005, serving with Ladder Company 27, as well as Rescue 4. He was cited four times for acts of bravery and awarded honors in 1991, 1992, 2003, and 2004. He died as a result of 9/11 related illness after responding to the terrorist attacks on the World Trade Center. (Gjonaj)
Lt. Thomas O’Hagan Way (Bronx)
Present name:Delafield Avenue
Location:Between West 261st Street and West 263rd Street
Honoree: Fire Lieutenant Thomas O’Hagan (b. 1958) was killed at the World Trade Center during fire and rescue operations following the terrorist attack of September 11, 2001.
Lucas Yoaldy Silverio Mendoza Way (Bronx)
Present name:None
Location:At the intersection of Crotona Avenue and Grote Street
Honoree: Lucas Yoaldy Silverio Mendoza was 19 years old in June 2019 when he rushed into a burning building in an attempt to save a three-year-old girl from the blaze. Sadly, both he and the toddler died from their injuries a few days later. Silverio Mendoza, who worked as a page at the Bronx Central Library, was a student at Bronx Community College, planning on a career in physical therapy, (Torres)
Luis Muñoz Marín Way (Bronx)
Present name:None
Location:At the intersection of Kingsbridge Road and Jerome Avenue
Honoree: Luis Muñoz Marín (1898-1980) was a Puerto Rican poet, journalist, politician and statesman who was considered the “Architect of the Commonwealth.” He helped found the Popular Democratic Party of Puerto Rico which won a majority in the Senate of Puerto Rico with Muñoz Marín serving as the president. He got Puerto Rico included in New Deal programs and Operation Boot Strap. These improved the standard of living of many living on the island. As Governor, he worked closely with the United States to create Puerto Rico’s Constitution and to change its status to that of a commonwealth. (Cabrera)
Luke Nee 9-11-01 (Bronx)
Present name:None
Location:Corner of Minerva Place and Grand Concourse
Honoree: Luke Nee (1957-2001) grew up on Minerva Place and attended Cardinal Hayes High School. An employee of Cantor Fitzgerald, he was killed in the attack on the World Trade Center on September 11, 2001.
Lynn Wonsang Way (Bronx)
Present name:Vyse Avenue
Location:Between East 180th Street and East 181st Street
Honoree: Lynn Wonsang (1950-2008) founded Unique People Services (UPS), an organization that provides shelter, food and counseling for formerly homeless individuals often struggling with health challenges. Its Housing Opportunities for Persons with AIDS program serves over 200 clients, while its day habilitation programs offer and array of activities to those with physical disabilities. It operates 24 housing programs in four boroughs and Westchester. UPS also opened Lynn’s Place, the agency’s first affordable housing complex, which includes 69 mixed-use units, 42 of which are allocated to formerly homeless individuals with mental illness and will also include on-site support services. (Torres)

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