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"F" Honorary Streets: The Bronx

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Father David Casella Triangle (Bronx)
Present name:None
Location:The property bounded by Sedgwick Avenue and Reservoir Avenue
Honoree: David P. Casella (1950-1999) was ordained a priest on December 6, 1975. Following assignments at two other parishes in the Bronx, he was appointed pastor of Our Lady of Angels Parish on Webb Avenue in 1992. Fr. Casella also served on the boards of St. Barnabas hospital and the Fordham-Tremont Community Mental Health Center.
Father Joseph M. Elliott Place (Bronx)
Present name:St. Paul's Place
Location:Between Washington Avenue and Third Avenue
Honoree: The Rev. Joseph Merritt Elliott (1934-2002) following his graduation from Union Theological Seminary in 1959, was assigned him to the staff of St. Paul’s, which was at the time a mission of the Diocese of New York. He was appointed Vicar in 1964; and after the parish became self-supporting again in 1972, he was elected Rector.
FF Michael C. Reilly Way (Bronx)
Present name:None
Location:Corner of Walton Avenue and Cameron Place
Honoree: Michael C. Reilly (1981-2006) always wanted to be a New York City firefighter. Even at 4 years old, when his family moved to New Jersey, he complained it wasn’t Brooklyn, “where the action is.” Michael Reilly died in the line of duty as a New YorK City firefighter.
FF Vincent Princiotta 9/11 Memorial Way (Bronx)
Present name:Northwest corner of Allerton and Bronxwood Avenues
Location:The sign pointing south on Bronxwood Avenue
Honoree: Vincent Princiotta (1962-2001) was a firefighter with Ladder Company 7 in Manhattan. He was killed in the terrorist artack on the World Trade Center on September 11, 2001.
Firefighter Angel Luis Juarbe, Jr. Avenue (Bronx)
Present name:Wales Avenue
Location:Between149th Street and 147th Street
Honoree: Firefighter Angel Luis Juarbe, Jr. (b. 1960) was killed during fire and rescue operations at the World Trade Center following the terrorist attack of September 11, 2001.
LL:2002/ 28
Firefighter Michael F. Lynch Square (Bronx)
Present name:Williamsbridge Square
Location:Williamsbridge Square in front of Engine 62/Ladder 32 Fire House
Honoree: Firefighter Michael F. Lynch (b. 1970) died on September 11, 2001 during fire and rescue operations following the terrorist attack on the World Trade Center.
Firefighter Peter A. Bielfeld Way (Bronx)
Present name:None
Location:Intersection of Prospect Avenue and Kelly Street
Honoree: Firefighter Peter A. Bielfeld was a member of Ladder 42, Engine 73 who was killed in the September 11th attacks.
Firefighter Robert W. McPadden Square (Bronx)
Present name:None
Location:Intersection of Boston Post Road and Eastchester Road
Honoree: Firefighter Robert W. McPadden (b. 1970) died on September 11, 2001 during fire and rescue operations following the terrorist attack on the World Trade Center.
Firefighters Boulevard (Bronx)
Present name:Third Avenue
Location:Between the Cross Bronx Expressway and Fordham Road
Honoree: Honors firefighters who died as a result of the September 11, 2001 terrorist attack on the World Trade Center.
LL:2002/ 28
Francis “Al” Chapman Way (Bronx)
Present name:None
Location:At the intersection of University Avenue and West 197th Street
Honoree: Francis "Al" Chapman spent over 30 years devoted to the Kingsbridge Heights neighborhood. He became a community leader in the mid-1980s amidst a wave of sharp rent increases following building renovations. As chair of the Kingsbridge Heights Neighborhood Improvement Association, he rallied the community, leading many public meetings and negotiations with state officials. These efforts paid off when the New York State Legislature changed the calculation period, effectively slashing future capital rent increases and holding particularly abusive landlords accountable. Mr. Chapman passed away at 74 in 2017. (Cabrera)
Franciscan Way (Bronx)
Present name:None
Location:Intersection of Theriot Avenue and Randall Avenue
Honoree: Honors the contribution and service that the Friars and Sisters of the Franciscan Order have provided the Soundview and Classon Point communities for nine decades, including both spiritual and educational support.
Frank Durkan Way (Bronx)
Present name:Tibbett Avenue
Location:Between West 240th Street and West 238th Street
Honoree: Frank Durkan (1930-2006), an Irish-born lawyer, represented members of the Provisional Irish Republican Army and also provided legal help to Irish immigrants in Riverdale. He was a central player on the U.S. end of the Northern Ireland Peace Process, notably as chairman of Americans for a New Irish Agenda.

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