NYC Honorary Street Names


Barry Weinbrom Way (Brooklyn)
Present name:5th Street
Location:Between 6th Avenue and 7th Avenue
Honoree: Barry Weinbrom (1946-2012) taught science in New York City middle and high schools from 1968 – 2001. During his teaching career he developed many programs including: “SMAW” Learning About Recycling,” a project that integrated science, math, art and writing; “SciMat3” Scientists, Mathematicians and Teachers for Tomorrow Today, a mentoring program in which older youngsters teach hands-on science programs to elementary school students; the Millennium Project to celebrate 100 years of science achievement; the “Marriage of the Elements,” a presentation for middle school students of 21 chemical concepts; the CCSP Cooperative Community Science Program, where students in pairs investigated science in the stores and businesses of their school community. Barry Weinbrom also founded SEED, Saving Earth Every Day, an organization that involves parents in their children’s science and environmental education. (Lander)

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