NYC Honorary Street Names


Beulah E. Sanders Way (Manhattan)
Present name:None
Location:Northwest corner of Columbus Avenue and West 92nd Street
Honoree: Beulah Sanders (1938-1984) was a founding member and later Chair of the National Welfare Rights Organization (NWRO). During the Nixon administration, she and the NWRO were active in the face of new federal work requirements for welfare. She fought to get the voices of those on welfare, particularly urban mothers, heard by the senate committee shaping the legislation. She was chair of the NWRO at a time when many conservatives sought to further curtail welfare. In New York, she led a march of nearly 2,000 mothers through the rain to demand long-awaited clothing vouchers for children before the school year started. In 1967, when the clothing grants had stalled, she confronted Mayor John Lindsay on the steps of City Hall. These actions garnered significant media attention and gave momentum to the NWRO. With support from labor groups, tenants organizations and anti-Vietnam activists, she helped build and eventually led, the largest welfare rights group in the United States. She also attended peace conferences in war-torn parts of the world, such as Vietnam. In 1968, she and NWRO, provided Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr and his associates with a basic understanding of the welfare system. Welfare reform quickly became an integral part of Dr. King's Poor People's Campaign provided a strong link between the civil rights and anti-poverty movements. (Rosenthal)
Lois Sanders Drive (Queens)
Present name:Beach Channel Drive
Location:Between Nameoke Avenue and Horton Avenue
Honoree: Lois Sanders (1922-2003) moved to Far Rockaway with her husband in 1955. She became active in the First Church of God and held various positions. At the National Ushers’ Convention in 1989, she was honored for her dedication to the ministry of ushering. Her life was chronicled by Ann Morris in the book, Grandma Lois Remembers.

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