NYC Honorary Street Names


Corporal Robert Marcus Rodriguez Way (Queens)
Present name:59th Drive
Location:59th Street and 59th Place
Honoree: Corporal Robert Marcus Rodriguez (1982-2003) lived on 59th Drive in Maspeth. He joined the Marine Corps in 1999 at the age of 17. In January 2003 he was deployed to Kuwait. On March 25, 2003 the tank in which he traveled with three other marines, fell under heavy artillery fire and was forced off a bridge into the Euphrates River. All the men in the tank were killed.
Juan Rodriguez Way (Manhattan)
Present name:Broadway
Location:Between 159th Street and 218th Street
Honoree: Jan Rodrigues or Juan Rodriguez, a mulatto from Santo Domingo, arrived in the Hudson in 1613 as part of the crew of a Dutch merchant ship and chose to remain. He is considered the first non-Amerindian to have resided in what is today New York City. 

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