NYC Honorary Street Names

Mount Everest

Mount Everest Way (Queens)
Present name:None
Location:At the intersection of 75th Street and 31st Avenue
Honoree: This co-naming honors New York's Nepali community. Although Nepalis have lived in this city for at least half a century, it was only in the last decade that the community began to grow substantially as a result of political strife and natural disasters. Currently, about 10,000 Nepalis call New York City home, although some estimates are close to double that figure. Many of these recent immigrants have settled in Queens, particularly in Jackson Heights. Mount Everest, or Sagarmatha in Nepali, is the tallest mountain on the Earth. Its peak, on the border between Nepal and China, is one of the most prominent symbols of the Nepali nation. The first known expedition to reach its summit, on May 29, 1953, was from the Nepali side of the mountain, and would not have succeeded but for the help of a team of Nepali Sherpas led by Tenzing Norgay. (Constantinides)

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