NYC Honorary Street Names


Flor Maria Miolan Way (Manhattan)
Present name:None
Location:At the northeast corner of 184th Street and Audubon Avenue
Honoree: Maria Miolan (1928-2015), was forced to flee her native Dominican Republic in 1962 after she and her family were targeted by the Trujillo regime for speaking out against its cruelty to children. She arrived in New York with only $5 in her pocket and earned her living with odd jobs until she was able to move to 184th Street. Her youngest daughter was born with Down Syndrome. She did not institutionalize her child, as was suggested at that time. Instead, she opened her home to other needy kids and raised them all together. She provided a "Safe Haven" for the children of the homeless, street workers, mentally-ill, and the drug addicted. They would be dropped off by their parents with no questions asked except the child's name and birthdate. Every child that entered her home was fed, taken to school and given a place to sleep if needed. She took it upon herself to keep or make their respective doctor’s appointments; make sure each child went to religious instruction; and to mass on Sundays. Many of the children she cared for received their First Holy Communion and Confirmation because of her. She often took children sight-seeing and on summer vacations, allowing many to experience places they would not otherwise see. A memory often shared is that all the children would line up in the kitchen with their personal plates and cups, each marked with their names, to be served their food. They would all receive 50 cents every Sunday for church offerings. She leaves behind 5 biological children, 12 grandchildren, and 12 great-children, as well as over 100 "adopted children" and their offspring. (Rodriguez) [Note: This appears intended to supersede "Maria Velentin Way," adopted in L.L. 45 of 2017, but the relevant Section of L.L. 45 has not been repealed.]

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