NYC Honorary Street Names


2nd Lt. August Harvey Martin Street (Queens)
Present name:None
Location:At the north corner of Tuskegee Airmen Way and 160th Street
Honoree: August Harvey Martin (1919-1968) was a member of the Tuskegee Airmen. After the war, he became the first African-American to captain a U.S. commercial air carrier for Seaboard World Airlines, one of the largest air cargo companies in the country at that time. The airline played a notable role during the Vietnam War, flying cargo jets from Washington State to the front lines. He also helped establish Negro Airmen International, the first black civilian aviation organization in the U.S. He was killed during a mercy mission to Biafra, Africa while trying to land on a highway during a rainstorm. (Wills) [This is one of 18 namings along Tuskegee Airmen Way honoring outstanding units and individuals in African-American military history.]
Lillie F. Martin Lane (Brooklyn)
Present name:Snediker Avenue
Location:Between Livonia Avenue and Pitkin Avenue
Honoree: Lillie F. Martin (1935-2012) was very involved with Anti-Poverty Programs, Youth Action Programs and GED Programs in East New York. She was the first to offer food pantries in East New York. In the 1970s she began mediating gang conflicts by formulating good relationships between the Tomahawks and Unknown Riders. She employed many gang members and encouraged them to get their GEDs. (Barron)
Thelma Martin Way (Brooklyn)
Present name:None
Location:At the northwest side of Atlantic Avenue and 3rd Avenue
Honoree: Thelma Martin (1940-2018) was executive director of the South Brooklyn Community Corporation where she organized the first Annual South Brooklyn Summer Festival. She was also a member of Community Board 16, the Brooklyn Chamber of Commerce, and the New York State Association of Renewal and Housing Officials. She developed national, state and locally-sponsored programs including the Youth Development Delinquency and Recreational Program, the Commercial Revitalization Program, the Community Achievement Project, the Work Incentive Program and the Structured Educational Support Program. (Levin)

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