NYC Honorary Street Names


Demetris Kastanas Way (Queens)
Present name:None
Location:At the intersection of Steinway Street and 31st Avenue
Honoree: Demetris Kastanas (d. 2013) was "Mr. Greek TV." He owned National Greek Television (NGTV), the first private Greek-owned TV channel in the United States, for 37 years. His career in television began in 1975, when he inaugurated a Greek weekly show on an American station. In 1987, the Greek Channel began airing on Time-Warner Cable in Queens and Brooklyn. He also founded Eseis, a bi-weekly magazine to address the issues of the Hellenic-American community. His work provided Hellenic-Americans with a connection to their homeland through Hellenic news, folklore and music. (Constantinides)
LL:L.L. 2016/23

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