NYC Honorary Street Names


John C. Flynn Way (Bronx)
Present name:None
Location:At the intersection of East 182nd Street and Grote Street
Honoree: Rev. John C. Flynn (1929-2012) was ordained in 1955. After an initial assignment in Westchester County, he worked at the Church of Saint Raymond in Parkchester during the 1960?s and 1970?s. He then moved to Venezuela where he spent several years ministering to poor families and learning Spanish before returning to the Bronx. He offered a helping hand to the neediest people in the Bronx and started a campaign called Save a Generation which included offering education and job training to high school dropouts, walking the streets trading crucifixes for guns. He lobbied for more low-cost housing and for saving community gardens. In the late 1970s, when the South Bronx was filled with crime, he joined local activists to help tenants who were living without heat or hot water for weeks at a time. Memorably, he also talked a man out of jumping off a roof and saved his life. (Torres)
LL:L.L. 2016/23

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