NYC Honorary Street Names


Angelo M. Falcon Way (Brooklyn)
Present name:Havemeyer Street
Location:At the corner of South 1st Street and Havemeyer Street
Honoree: Angelo M. Falcon (1951-2018) founded the National Institute for Latino Policy, known for fastidious research and for a weekly newsletter with harsh criticism at those who were lacking on their commitments to Latinos. He presented elected officials with detailed reports on poverty rates, education stats and Latino participation civil service jobs to show disparities. After watching a WWII documentary before it was shown on PBS stations, he joined a group of activists in complaining the film had left out contributions of Hispanic soldiers. They persuaded PBS to make changes to the documentary so that Latinos were represented. He organized protests against CNN anchor Lou Dobbs because of his positions on immigration. Dobbs eventually left the network. Mr. Falcon co-authored several books about the history of Latinos in New York. His data on redistricting in the early 1990s helped forge a path for politicians of color to be elected to Congress. As a child, he led a fight at his public school for Puerto Ricans to be able to take the Brooklyn Technical High School entrance exam, with him becoming the only one admitted. He also wrote a report in 2016 on Mayor de Blasio's administration which argued that the percentage of city posts that went to non-Hispanic white people had actually grown during the mayor's first two years in office. (Reynoso)

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