NYC Honorary Street Names


Revs. Norm and Peg Eddy Way (Manhattan)
Present name:None
Location:At the northeast and southeast corners of 100th Street and 2nd Avenue
Honoree: Rev. Norm Eddy (1920-2013) and Peg, his wife (1926-1990) who was also a minister, helped start a drug treatment program, a tenants’ group, a housing project, a credit union and the myriad self-help organizations that have sustained his work there for over 60 years. He served as a pastor of the East Harlem Protestant Parish, an assembly of four storefront churches that they had helped establish in 1951 while attending Union Theological Seminary in Manhattan. They helped helping tenants in disputes with landlords and sometimes mediated gang rivalries. They helped establish one of the city’s first counseling centers for addicts. They also helped organize the East Harlem Credit Union Committee, the East Harlem Narcotics Committee, and the Metro North Citizens’ Committee, whose efforts led, by the mid-1960s, to construction of 200 units of affordable housing that anchored a gradual neighborhood revival. (Mark-Viverito)

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