NYC Honorary Street Names


Mary “Mary C” Cali-Dalton Way (Staten Island)
Present name:None
Location:At the intersection of Cedar Grove Avenue and Milbank Avenue
Honoree: Mary “Mary C” Cali-Dalton (1953-2019), after graduating from Bishop Kearney H.S. in 1971, was for several years a singer in a band called "The Underground Railroad," performing Rock, Jazz and Disco in Brooklyn and Manhattan venues as well as for parties and weddings. In 2002, she moved to New Dorp Beach and instantly fell in love with the neighborhood. When New Dorp Beach was hit by Hurricane Sandy in October 2012, although herself a victim of the storm, she worked tirelessly to make sure her neighbors and co-workers did not go without help. She set up clothing and food donations in Recreation Centers on the island and helped those who had lost their homes. Mary joined the NYC Parks and Recreation in 1999 as a WEP participant and is recognized as a true success story for the Parks Department. After rising through the ranks, she was Chief of Recreation for Staten Island from 2003 until 2019. Also, in 2006, she became Vice President of the Emerald Society and was the Society's President from 2009 until her passing in 2019. She had a hand in so many things in our community between the parks department and outreach for people struggling with addictions. Mary had struggled with alcohol addiction herself and was 20 years sober to the date of her death. (Matteo)

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