NYC Honorary Street Names


Carlos Cooks Way (Manhattan)
Present name:None
Location:Intersection of 166th Street and Broadway
Honoree: Carlos Cook (1913-1966) was a proponent of the ideology of Marcus Garvey. Following Garvey's death in 1940, Cook strove to carry out Garvey's vision. He founded the first so-titled African Nationalist organization and gave lectures on Africanism for over 20 years. He was included in the New York Age newspapers and was described as part of the advance division of the Universal Negro Improvement Association. Cook's ambitions would push him to dreams of creating programs inside a Marcus Garvey Memorial Building that would benefit the Harlem community. Unfortunately, with pushback from the City of New York, his programs would be stopped and the memorial demolished before its completion. Before his passing, Cook managed to influence many well known leaders such as Charles Kenyatta, Ed "Porkchop" Davis, and Malcolm X. (Rodriguez)

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