NYC Honorary Street Names


Charles & Margaret Collins Way (Brooklyn)
Present name:None
Location:Southeast corner of 77th Street and Narrows Avenue
Honoree: Margaret Collins (1949-2004) was an educator who inspired children in her classroom. Charles Collins (1940-2004) was a member of many charitable organizations: the Knights of the Holy Sepulchre, the Dongan Council of the Knights of Columbus, the Cathedral Club, the Saint Patrick Society of Brooklyn, the Friendly Sons of Saint Patrick and Division 22 of the Ancient Order of the Hibernians. Together, they were very involved in the Bayfort Benevolent Association and also devoted to HeartShare Human Services.
Det. Frank P. Collins Avenue (Brooklyn)
Present name:none
Location:Intersection of 72nd Street and 7th Avenue
Honoree: Frank Collins (1973-2002) joined the NYPD in 1999. After returning from 8-months with his Army Reserve unit in Bosnia, he was promoted to Detective and assigned to the Brooklyn narcotics division. His life was cut short on June 12, 2002 in a motorcycle accident. Attempting to protect a child who had run out against a traffic signal, he swerved around her and collided with a retaining wall. He died eight days later.
Detective Frank P. Collins Street (Staten Island)
Present name:none
Location:Intersection of Willowbrook Road and Buchanan Avenue
Honoree: Frank P. Collins (1973-2002) was an NYPD Undercover Narcotics Detective in Brooklyn South. Detective Collins was killed on June 12, 2002 while riding his motorcycle home from the Brooklyn South Narcotics Unit. As he neared the corner of Seventh Avenue and 72nd Street in Bay Ridge, he swerved to avoid a child who had walked into the street.
LL: 2004/63
John M. Collins Place (Bronx)
Present name:Review Place
Location:Between 238th Street and Van Cortland Park South
Honoree: John M. Collins (b. 1958) was a member of the NYFD. He was killed on September 11, 2001 during fire and rescue operations following the terrorist attack on the World Trade Center

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