NYC Honorary Street Names


Ptl. Phillip Cardillo Way (Queens)
Present name:28th Avenue
Location:Between College Point Boulevard and Ulmer Street
Honoree: Police Officer Cardillo was 31 years old in 1971 when he received a 10-13 call (signifying that a fellow officer was in danger) and rushed to the location along with his partner. On entering the location, a mosque, the two officers were attacked and Cardillo was shot with his own gun. A suspect was arrested but no conviction was obtained and the case remains highly controversial. A new NYPD Harbor Vessel is under consideration to be renamed in honor of Ptl. Phillip Cardillo. The Blue Knights Chapter X and its presidents honor his memory annually with a motorcycle ride. A book, Circle of Six, by Randy Jurgenson, was published in 2007 and tells the story of Phillip Cardillo’s death and the case against his alleged killer. (Vallone)

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