NYC Honorary Street Names


Angelo “Chubby” Campanella (Brooklyn)
Present name:None
Location:At the southwest corner of 77th Street and 21st Avenue
Honoree: Angelo Campanella (1926-2009)was an ice cream vendor in Bensonhurst for 50 years. His commitment to helping others was evident one afternoon when he saved a customer’s baby from choking to death, rushing the mother and child to the hospital just in time to save the child’s life. He also once pulled a mother and baby out from a flipped car that was in danger of catching fire; and helped capture a hit-and-run driver by blocked the roadway with his ice cream truck. He organized and carried out food drives, block parties and toy drives; and fundraisers for cancer patients. He also donated countless ice cream cones to children who were short of change (Greenfield)

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