NYC Honorary Street Names


Association Caggianesi D’America Way (Brooklyn)
Present name:None
Location:Southeast corner of Van Sicklen Street and Avenue T
Honoree: Association Caggianesi d’America was founded in 1996 by Italian-Americans who can trace their lineage to the town of Caggiano in Italy's Campagna region. The organization’s roots were in the “Caggianesi di Mutuo Soccorso” (Caggianesi Provident Society), founded in 1903 to preserve Caggianesi culture, celebrate America, and help those in need. During the first Sunday of May and October of each year, Association Caggianesi D’America organizes events to celebrate Madonna del Rosario, the patron saint of Caggiano and the society, and St. Anthony of Padua. It awards college scholarships to graduating high school seniors, and supports numerous charitable organizations. In the past, it has sponsored the Folkorico Group, approximately 40 Caggianese youth who performs songs and dances in 1800s attire and uses traditional instruments. The organization also sponsors international cultural and student exchanges in partnership with the Federation of Campania and the village of Caggiano, including a project to preserve the native Caggianesi dialect and culture. (Treyger)

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