NYC Honorary Street Names


Albert and Dorothy Rose Blumberg Way (Manhattan)
Present name:None
Location:At the intersection of 168th Street and St. Nicholas Avenue
Honoree: Albert Blumberg (1906-1997), a philosophy professor, was an official of the Communist Party for several years before joining the Democratic Party and becoming a a district leader. His wife, Dorothy Rose Blumberg was an author best known for her works, “Whose What” and “Florence Kelly.” Together, they helped change the cultural and political landscape of Northern Manhattan. They helped lead the creation of various senior centers and organizations advocating for senior citizens, including Seniors Helping Seniors. They were also instrumental in helping organized the 1199 Union Retirees. In the political arena, they brought together the coalition that spearheaded political change in Northern Manhattan and led to the creation of the 10th Council District in the City Council, resulting in the election of the first elected official in the United States of Dominican decent. (Rodriguez)
Albert Blumburg Way (Manhattan)
Present name:None
Location:At the intersection of 168th Street and Broadway
Honoree: Albert Blumberg (1906-1997) was a philosopher, associated with the movement known as logical positivism, as well as a political activist. He was chairman of the Philosophy Department at Rutgers University and author of the widely used textbook, “Logic: A First Course.” Before teaching at Rutgers, he had been a Communist Party member and was cited for contempt in 1940 for refusing to name party members to House and Senate committees. In his later years he became a Democratic party leader in upper Manhattan and an advisor to officials including Councilman Stanley E. Michels, Assemblyman Herman D. Farrell Jr., State Senator Franz S. Leichter and Mayor David N. Dinkins. In 1977 he was elected leader of the 71st Assembly District. He is also remembered as having fought to give the growing Dominican population of Manhattan a chance to enter politics. (Rodriguez)

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